Three Buds

私たち”Three Buds”は東京に住む3人の女性アーティストです。



会期: 4/27(木)~5/1(月)
・4/27(木)16:30~18:30 オープニングナイト
・4/28(金)~4/30(日) 10:30~18:30
・5/1日(月) 10:30~12:30

We “Three Buds” are a trio of successful and innovative painters living in Tokyo.

We share artistic inspiration, and though we are on the same “branch,” of visual art, we bloom in unique ways, bringing a broad expression of painting to the world.

Please come to meet us, and enjoy what we have produced this year! Christina Lopp, Etsuko Nishimura, and Kit Nagamura are eager to see you!

April 27 – May 1
Opening night Thurs 4:30-6:30pm
Fri-Sun 10:30-6:30pm
Mon 10:30-12:30pm